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History of Peerless Stove & Mfg. Co, Inc.
“Home of the Maximizer”

It all started in Columbus Ohio back in the late 1800’s, as “Beverly Peerless” when Frank Beverly began serving restaurants and high-end retailers with their cooking needs. In the early 1900’s, Peerless began manufacturing. By 1919, Peerless manufactured a line of outdoor BBQ units, a line of Multi-level ovens and an Infra Red rotisserie that he patented in the early 1920’s. In 1934 the company incorporated as the Peerless Stove and Mfg Co. Inc. To prove our test of time, two units that were manufactured back in 1919 are still manufactured today, serving 3 different industries all across the country.

In the early 1930’s, a many products were added, including a line of restaurant series ranges and pizza ovens.

In 1942, then owner Clark Beverly uprooted Peerless from Columbus Ohio and moved north to Sandusky Ohio, where is remains today. Sandusky is a small waterfront community known for its vacationland status and roller coasters. In the late 1960’s, the Beverly family, due to illness with one of the family members, sold the business to the James Huntley family. Jim and Barbara Huntley owned Peerless until 1998 when they sold the business to their son Bryan Huntley. This transfer makes Peerless a 4th generation family business. Before his near fatal stroke, Jim with the help of his son Bryan, developed and patented a high-speed InfraRed cooker that has helped revolutionize the cooking industry.

Peerless is one of the few remaining family owned manufacturers of Food Service Equipment in the country today.

Peerless has experienced and survived many challenges in its Ninety(90)year history. Throughout this time period, Peerless has maintained a tradition of producing high quality products at competitive prices.

The Maximizer movement began in the mid 1990’s as Peerless began to realize that the products we produce fit the specific needs of many end-user consumers. That is because Maximizers SAVE, TIME, MONEY AND most importantly, SPACE!!!!!!. Peerless Maximizers cost less to buy, operate and maintain than other brands on the market today, and, they LAST!

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