Peerless Ovens

Electric Bake & Roast Deck Ovens

Peerless electric ovens are available in a variety of combinations and are considered in the industry as “Sectional Oven”. They are pre-stacked at the factory and can be set up at the factory for single or 3 phase power. Single phase is standard while 3 phase is optional and carries an additional fee. All ovens are factory tested and controllers set and locked for easy up set up and use. All Peerless electric ovens are equipped with high quality energy efficient, energy saving tubular sheath elements and are evenly spaced around each oven to provide great distribution of heat. Great elements coupled with our unique interior designs and aluminized interiors for even heat and better baking. That is the Peerless way. Peerless has been building gas ovens for 100 years, and has been designing and building great electric ovens for 40 of them. Our engineers are constantly improving our designs and recently added solid state electronic controls and solid state relays for precise temperature control and silent operation. Our new SC series Ovens place the controls out of the heat zone allowing us to offer you a 2-year limited parts and labor warranty. The CE61P has a very unique feature: an adjustable upper variable power control, creating the only twin deck electric oven on the market which can balance the upper and lower decks and essentially balance the entire oven. The CE41B holds 2 18 x 26 pans and can be double or triple stacked. The CE51B holds 2 18 x 26 pans on the lower shelf and offers with an optional center wire to double capacity. The CE51B can be double or triple stacked. The CE61B holds 4 18 x 26 pans and can be double stacked. Ovens can be mixed and matched – bake and roast – to fit your needs. All Peerless Bake and Roast Ovens come standard with stainless Steel fronts, Digital 150-550 controllers, silent solid state relays and Steel decks.

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