Peerless Ovens

Mexican Cuisine Ovens

The Peerless Ovens built for Mexican Cuisine are simply the best ovens available in the market and are Time Proven. 98 Years in the Foodservice Industry and built to last. Available in 2 popular floor models and 2 popular Peerless counter models. The 2324M, 2348M and C131M Ovens can be set up for natural gas or LP gas while the CE131 is electric is available in either single or 3 phase power. We call them “Maximizers” More for Less, energy efficiency and large capacity in a small foot print. All Peerless gas ovens are equipped with our Power-pak burner systems for even heat, coupled with our unique interior baffles systems made of aluminized steel for balanced heat distribution throughout the oven cavities. The Peerless Multi-deck Ovens are as unique as they are world-class. They work on the principle of natural convection and back pressure. Each cavity is equipped with adjustable slide so the oven can be balanced from top to bottom if desired. The 2324M has a capacity of 4 18 x 26 sheet trays in 41.5” of space while the 2348M can hold an astonishing 8 18 x 26 sheet trays in 50” of space. The C131M gas oven comes with a lower shelf and 3 18 x 24 removable racks for a variety of cooking needs. The electric CE131M has 3 compartments 18 x 24. Peerless Ovens are built using only the highest quality materials for long lasting durable construction. Peerless engineers continue to upgrade control systems using only the best components available. The Mexican Restaurant industry have found these ovens to be a workhorse as an enchilada or topping oven.

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