Peerless Ovens

Pizza Gas and Electric Deck Ovens

Peerless Pizza Ovens are the best-in-class ovens on the market today

You get the smallest foot print, the best baking ovens in the industry, at the best price, all while using the least amount of energy. What can be better than that? That is why we call them “Maximizers” “MORE FOR LESS”

Peerless ovens are available in Gas & Electric, with Natural or LP for gas models and Single and Three Phase for electrics. Peerless gas ovens come equipped with our Power-pak burner system for the best hearth heat distribution in the oven business and the best interior baffle systems made of aluminized steel for balanced heat distribution throughout our oven cavities.

Peerless uses only the highest quality materials available in the market for durable construction designed to last for decades with reasonable care. Even though Peerless Ovens have been on the market for almost 100 years, our engineers have continued to upgrade control systems using only the best components available. Gas ovens have Robertshaw thermostats and high temperature pilot safeties for the best function and control life. Our new SC series Ovens place the controls out of the heat zone allowing us to offer you a 2-Year warranty.

Peerless electric and gas electronic ovens use high-tech digital thermostats and solid state relays for silent precise operation. Most models are stackable to increase capacity in the same floor space. All Peerless P Models Ovens come complete with SS Fronts, 650 Thermostats and Pizza Stones.

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