Peerless Ovens

Gas Fired Pizza Deck Ovens

Peerless gas ovens are available in either counter or floor models and can be set up at the factory for Natural Gas or LP gas. All ovens are factory tested for the highest satisfaction rates in the industry, especially when our start up recommendations are followed. Peerless gas ovens come equipped with our Power-pak burner system, the best burner systems in pizza industry. CW41, CW51 and CW61 models are equipped with a 4-cell burner, 24” long on 8 inch centers for an even heat across the hearth. The CW100 is equipped with a 5-cell burner, 29” long on 8” centers to provide the same even heat found on the smaller CW models. Efficiency ratings can reach as high as 95% and all Peerless oven cost less to operate than our competitors. Peerless interior designs are equally unique and continue the even distribution throughout oven cavities. The CW61 is design tested to be the best “Twin-Deck” oven available on the market and uses back pressure to balance the upper and lower compartments. The upper deck is 90% effective while the lower compartment is 100% effective making the CW61 95% effective and the best oven money can buy. Peerless ovens have been on the market for almost 100 years, but our engineers are constantly finding ways to improve our products for better function and design life. High temperature controls are standard and thermal protection is used where ever possible. The new SC Series ovens place the controls on the side and allow us to offer you a 2 year limited parts and labor warranty. All Peerless Pizza Ovens come standard with Stainless Steel fronts, 650 thermostats and Pizza Stones.

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