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Ventless Sales Flier from Peerless OvensPeerless  Ovens is proud to announce our brand new line of Ventless electric Ovens!

Peerless electric deck ovens have a small footprint, durable design, and competitive price – all while saving you money on utilities! Now Peerless Ovens is introducing a line of Ventless Electric Ovens to give you even more versatility with your cooking.

Peerless Ovens has been in business for 99 years, and the company prides itself on constantly improving important aspects of cooking equipment like control systems, burner systems, interior design, and more.   The new Ventless Electric Ovens from Peerless Ovens will open doors for those who cannot or do not want to install expensive hood systems.

• 30 Inch Ventless Hoods Available for Models: CE131PE and CE231PESC

• 50 Inch Ventless Hoods Available for Models CE61PE, CE62PESC, CE41PECE42PESC, CE41BECE42BESC CE51BE, CE52BESC,  CE61BE, and CE62BESC

Maximizer Ovens by Peerless: They save Time, Money and Space! Best buy in the industry and family owned. Built in Ohio for 99 years. Simple, durable and efficient – Peerless Ovens.

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