Peerless Ovens


The Peerless 2324 and 2348 Ovens are available as Bake ovens(B) or can be used in the ever growing Mexican(M) Restaurant Industry. They are the most space saving floor model gas ovens on the market today. As with other Peerless deck ovens, the 2324 and 2348 offer you the best possible quality with performance and value. They come standard with black enameled finish, an aluminized interior, 4 steel decks and a one-year “parts and labor” warranty. Peerless B or M ovens also offer exclusive features the set is aside from the rest. Our space saving design and unique interior design allow for better distribution of heat and better baking ability. Both models are 4 door Ovens. The 2324B is considered a 4 pan oven while the 2348B is an 8 pan oven. M models have loads of capacity for a variety of food products.

If space is a problem, you will appreciate our space saving design, which saves valuable kitchen space compared to competitive brands.  The 2324 requires only 41.5” of space while the 2348 requires only 50”.

Peerless “Ovens” … we call them “Peerless” because they have no equal.

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