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Peerless C231B Gas Bake Oven for Pretzels and Bagels

The Peerless C231B Gas Bake Oven for pretzels and bagels is built with prime 20-gauge cold-rolled sides and topped with a 16-gauge base. The interior is made of 20-gauge aluminized steel. ThePeerless C231B Gas Bake Oven comes standard with a stainless steel front using high quality 20-gauge stainless steel. Each unit is equipped with a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.

Equipped with our energy-saving “Power-Pak” burner system and unique baffle system, the Peerless C231B Gas Bake Oven is highly efficient and helps eliminate hot spots. The heavily insulated walls, coupled with our special vent system, reduces heat loss yet keeps the area safe for workers. The C231B is powered by 60,000 BTUs which enables it to have an extremely fast recovery rate.

Removable wire racks increase the C231B’s capabilities for either baking, roasting, or pretzels (this feature comes with the gas oven only). This is a double stack for double the capacity, double the efficiency and double the profits.

The C231B is the only double-door, eight-shelf bake oven available. Each C131B houses four, 5/8” shelves which offer 912 sq. in. of cooking area per shelf. That totals1,824 sq. in. per oven. The entire cooking area is 3,648 square inches. When you compare the cost per shelf or per square inch to other two- or three-shelf ovens, Peerless is by far the greatest value.

The C231B has controls in lower front for ease of operation, space savings and to keep them in their own air-conditioned area so they are not affected by heat. The C231B is totally thermo-coupled and lets you replace individual parts as opposed to throwing away the whole system.

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