Add a Peerless C131P Deck Oven to Your Kitchen!

Do you use a conveyor oven in your shop, but wish you could still provide the crispy flavor your patrons desire? Consider using a Peerless Ovens C131P deck oven in your kitchen to finish off your pizzas!

Pizzaroni's Reynoldsburg

Pizzaroni’s patrons demand excellence, which is why all of Pizzaroni’s pizzas are finished in a Peerless Ovens C131P Deck oven.

Using a deck oven to finish cooking pizza is exactly what they are doing at Pizzaroni’s, a popular pizzeria in Reynoldsburg Ohio. and the results couldn’t be better. Tony, the owner, explained that 25 years ago conveyors weren’t as popular as they are now, and while they have their benefits, they also leave many customers wishing for a crispier pie.

“In our old Pizzaroni’s we had a baking oven which only went up to 500 degrees, and we were so popular that we would have to shut the kitchen orders down for a couple hours on Friday and a couple hours on Saturday because the oven just couldn’t keep up,” he explained. “When we switched to a conveyor my wife said, ‘We are going to need another oven so we can finish the pizzas off.’”

“What we do is cook the pizza in the pan for 15-20 minutes, and then put in in the Peerless for a couple minutes to get a nice crispy pizza,” Tony revealed. “When you have a conveyor oven the customer automatically thinks, “Oh man, it’s not going to be a good pizza’ because it’s not a brick oven,” he elaborated. “What I would say is that people (who don’t use a deck oven) are missing the boat because if you do it the way we do it and finish it off in your Peerless oven you get a much better pizza.”

“I have nothing but good things to say about Peerless Ovens. I love it, it’s a great oven. As far as gas bills, Peerless compared to my conveyor – that thing just sucks gas – and the Peerless we barely notice. As far as quality you can’t beat finishing pizza off in a deck oven. When people open a shop, they are either looking for quality or they are looking for cheap.  If you care about quality you need to go that extra step and get a Peerless Oven.”

Pizzaroni's in Reynoldsburg, Ohio


Pizzaroni’s Pizza
9450 Mink St SW
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
(740) 927-7500

Maudie’s Tex-Mex
800 South Lamar
Austin, Texas 78704
1 (512) 474-0816

Peerless cooks up the best of Maudie’s Tex-Mex dishes

Model 2348M Mexican Oven
Model 2324M Mexican Oven

March, 2014

For 22 years, Maudie’s Tex-Mex has been bringing award-winning Tex-Mex dishes and fresh-squeezed margaritas to the folks in Austin, Texas.

Maudie’s Cafe had been around since the early 1950s and was always known for some of the best home-style cooking around. Joe Draker bought the restaurant in 1992 and changed the menu to Tex-Mex.

They now have six restaurants in the Austin area, including the original Maudie’s Cafe. A seventh location is coming in the near future, according to director of operations Joe Ruhoff.

Back in 1999, the popular eatery was looking to make a change in their kitchens, according to Ruhoff. His search for a better oven led him to Peerless.

“We were using an old pizza deck oven, and it was a monster,” he recalled.

“The folks at Ace Mart turned us on to the deck ovens from Peerless, and we converted over to their ovens around 1880. /wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Maudie_1.jpgr restaurants use the 2348M, and one of our stores uses two 2324Ms for two lines. We’ll be putting a 2348 in our new store,” he said.”

Maude’s has an extensive menu of Tex-Mex favorites, including burritos, tacos, fajitas, chile rellenos and their famous enchiladas, with sauces made from scratch. They also have a breakfast menu and a Gluten free menu.

Ruhoff said the Peerless deck ovens are “workhorses” that help his kitchen staff prepare such an extensive menu.

“One of the main features we like is the high-temperature thermostats,” Ruhoff said. “We can cook anywhere from 550 to 650 degrees. They’re great for making our enchiladas because it makes them bubbling hot.

“And the space configuration works much better for us. They’re more vertical, so we really save on square footage. Plus, they have four doors, so you can more in them. Overall, the Peerless products give us a better utilization of space.

“It’s our workhorse,” he said. “They can definitely withstand a high production facility like ours. We use them for everything, from our nachos and chalupas to our big chicken dishes. Everything is cooked to order, so the ovens are an intregal part of our cooking line,” he said.

Ruhoff also said his Peerless ovens are more than able to handle the daily volume his restaurants produce.

“These ovens can take a beating. It’s a very durable product, and in time of repair, it’s relatively cost-effective.

“We do a high volume at our restaurants, and we don’t see any down time. Even if a repair needs to be made, we never have a time where we can’t offer a customer any of our products.

“Bryan and his crew are always reliable and available when we need any assistance,” he said. “They are very helpful in allowing us to keep the ovens properly maintained,” he added.

Maudie’s Tex-Mex
Joe Ruhoff, Director of Operations
800 South Lamar
Austin, Texas 78704
1 (512) 474-0816

Bell Mell Tavern
307 Fulton Street
Port Clinton, Ohio 43452
1 (419) 732-2760

Bell Mell’s award-winning pizza baked in a Peerless

Model CW61P Pizza Deck Oven

May, 2014

Peerless Oven Testimonial by Bell Mell. Nearly 45 years ago, the historic Bell Mell Tavern in the Ohio lakeside town of Port Clinton decided to start offering pizza to their customers. It was one of the first pizza shops in town, and has been a mainstay in the town ever since.

In April of 1976, the owners purchased a Peerless CW61P as their pizza side of the business continued to grow. And when the bar expanded and remodeled their kitchen to keep up with that growth, another Peerless CW61P was purchased and installed.

“This bar started doing pizza around 45 years ago,” said owner James Russell while working his regular Tuesday afternoon shift. “It was one of the first, if not the first, pizza places in Port Clinton. And we still use the same recipe to this day. We haven’t changed a thing.

“The owner’s brother, it was his recipe for the sauce and the dough. The following ownership continued to use the same recipe. I bought in as a partner around 1979 and we’re still using that same recipe to this day,” he said.

Since then, that popular Bell Mell’s recipe has more than made a name for itself. Over the years, the pizza has been voted Best Pizza in Ottawa County and continues to be a popular choice for pizza eaters in Port Clinton and beyond.

“We continued to use the same recipe in a little, small corner space over there with our first Peerless Oven,” Russell explained, pointing to the Northeast corner of the building. “It was only around 12 by 16 feet, and it was always about 165 degrees in there. We really needed a space saver, and Peerless provided that for us.

“We remodeled the north side of the building to put in a kitchen where there used to be a barber shop. Our volume was picking up, so we needed to do something different. We bought another Peerless, and expanded and remodeled to add other food besides pizza. But pizza has always been our mainstay.

“We’ve ended up putting so much equipment in there that we’re right down to the foot as far as space goes. I consider these ovens to be smaller than some of the other ovens on the market. They fit perfectly into our kitchen environment,” he said.

The expansion was another chapter in the history of the tavern, which was opened by Bella Russell (no relation to Jim) and her husband, Mel, in 1935. The building was originally a passenger train station for the Norfolk and Western Railroad.

While much has changed since then, Russell said choosing the Peerless CW61P was one he would make again today.

“We got ourselves a second one, and since then we really haven’t had that much maintenance on either of them,” he said. “We haven’t any problems, like replacing major parts. They’re built really simple, and they’ve held up wonderfully.

“We do a big volume here, whether it be for here or carryout. We have quite a reputation because we never change anything. We put plenty of ingredients on, and we never skimp on anything. We use the best ingredients on our pizza, and we do really well with that. “

Russell went on to say that if he ever needed another oven, Peerless would be his choice.

“If I ever needed another oven, I would go nowhere but Peerless,” Russell said. “I wouldn’t even look at another design or another model. There’s nothing out there that compares to a Peerless.

“They’re local, and they’ve always taken good care of me. I wouldn’t consider even an estimate from another company… I’d go right back to Peerless,” he added.

“When I show people the kitchen, I always telll them about our Peerless ovens. I would recommend them to anyone else who was looking to start a pizza business,” he added.

Bell Mell Tavern
Jim Russell, Owner
307 Fulton Street
Port Clinton, Ohio 43452
1 (419) 732-2760

Sneakers Pub & Grill
1163 San Carlos Avenue
San Carlos, CA 94070
(650) 802-0177

December 8, 2011

Bryan Huntley,

I need to let you know our story. We are a full service sports themed restaurant and pub. We serve gourmet burgers, sandwiches, salads and “GOURMET PIZZA”. We have been in business for 23 years. The first 21 years we used a wood burning oven that was on display for customers to watch. We finally decided to use the space for more seats. So with inadequate space in the kitchen we decided on a PEERLESS 2324.

WOW not only does it do a superior and more dependable job we have doubled our production capabilities. I would put my 2324 up alongside any deck oven out there. If you are a non believer, call me if you are in the area and bring your best pie and we can cook it collectively in my PEERLESS. You will then be an advocate. I guarantee it.

Steven Salazar

US Pizza Team
612 McLarty Road
Oxford, Mississippi 38655
1 (662)234-5481 ext. 129

Peerless’ New CE131PE bakes up some winners at US Pizza Team Competitions

Model: CE131PE Pizza Deck Oven
Download: CE131P Pizza Oven Spec Sheet.pdf

September, 2014

It was a big summer for pizza shop owners who had the chance to compete for a trip to the 2015 World Pizza Championships in Italy and a spot on the US Pizza Team.


It also proved to be a big summer for Peerless, which baked the winner at the Slice of Americana Pizza Competition during the July 4, 2014 weekend down in Oxford, Mississippi.

Rick Mines of Nima’s Pizza & More in Gassville, Arkansas, was the winner and baked his prized pie in a Peerless CE131PE, according to US Pizza Team director Brian Hernandez. In fact, two of the top three pies that weekend were baked in the new Peerless digitally-controlled electric oven.

The CE131PE also baked the runner-up pizza at the SEC Pizza Competition during the Oxford Craft Beer Festival back in April.

“Both competitions were eight hours of non-stop pizza,” Hernandez said. “Everyone had to bake three pizzas at a time because we had to feed the public as well as compete.

“We had a larger deck oven, a brick oven and the Peerless,” he said. “The Peerless was a real space saver, but was still able to do some volume. There was enough room inside, plus the shelves underneath were helpful.”

Hernandez said the CE131PE withstood the rigors of the competition, both indoors and outdoors.

Peerless Oven’s New CE131PE Pizza Oven Bakes Up Some Outdoor Winners at US Pizza Team Competition

“One thing we realized is that it heats up fast…very fast,” Hernandez said. “It holds its temperature really well and stays hot. With as many pizzas going in and out of the oven, the competitors needed an oven that would maintain temperature.

“That’s important to us, because people are trying to bake their best pie. If someone would have to wait for the oven to recover, they might not come out with a perfect pie, and that could affect the competition.”

“If somebody has to wait on the oven, they might get the short end of the stick,” he added.

That became even more important in the July competition, which was held on a breezy summer day.

Peerless Ovens’ New CE131PE Bakes Up Some Breezy Winners at US Pizza Team Competition”It was very breezy outside, but the oven still held its temperature,” Hernandez said. “If somebody opened the oven door and a big gust of wind came by, the oven still didn’t cool off.”

Hernandez said the CE131PE was able to handle all the different types of pizza baked in the two competitions.

“There were two-and-a-half inch pan pizzas, traditional pizza baked on a screen and New York Style pizza cooked right on the stone,” he said. “The Peerless was able to handle all the different types of pizza made that day.”

The size of the CE131PE was also helpful during the competitions, Hernandez said.

“It was very easy to move and store,” he said. “With the wheels and the steel shelving, it definitely made things easier. The convenience factor was great for us.

“It’s not too tall, and not too wide, so like I said, it’s a great space-saving oven. But there was more than enough room to bake some winning pizza,” he added.

US Pizza Team
Brian Hernandez, Director
612 McLarty Road
Oxford, Mississippi 38655
1 (662)234-5481 ext. 129

Sal & Al’s Diner
2261 Cooper-Foster Park Road
Amherst, Ohio 44001
(440) 989-3663

Peerless fits in just right at Sal & Al’s

Model 2324P

November, 2013

When Danny George reopened Sal & Al’s Diner in December of 2010, he brought back all of the favorite dishes his customers had enjoyed for years since it originally opened in 1979.

Shortly after he reopened, George also decided to bring back his highly-popular Danny’s Pizza. And he decided to bake those pizzas in a Peerless 2324P.

“We were the No. 1 pizza in Cleveland in 1985, and that really catapulted us into that area,” George recalled. “We’ve always been strong in Amherst and Elyria. We’ve had success with it, and it’s still strong.

“We’ve been around since 1979. We expanded out to Elyria, Lakewood, Rocky River, Bay Village, Grafton, Sandusky and North Olmsted. We were down in the Flats in Cleveland, and we even opened a store in Pennsylvania. We were successful with our pizza, and we just decided to bring them back.

“Everybody wanted to see it, and that’s why we brought them back. They’re so popular, we’re looking at getting more ovens to keep up with the demand!”

But when George reclaimed his original restaurant, the kitchen had been redmodeled. That left him with limited space for a deck oven, but purchasing the Peerless 2324P solved that problem.

“That’s the only oven that would fit under the hood configuration for the kitchen of a regular restaurant as opposed to a pizzeria, where it’s free-standing and bigger,” he said. “The Peerless was the only oven that could fit in there without a conveyor. I still needed that hearth-bake, stone-bake oven that would fit.

“I originally bought a Peerless from Bryan Huntley’s dad when I first opened up in 1979. We actually bought some of their equipment from a pizzeria that used to be located right around the corner from their factory in Sandusky. I bought a double-decker, free standing model.

“I also talked to Danell’s Pizza in Wellington. He runs his pizzeria with a Peerless that’s twice this size, and he said he had no problems with it. It was also a stone hearth, which is what I wanted. Blodgett didn’t have anything close to fitting in there, so it was really a no-brainer at this point to go with this oven.

“Because I had no problems with the oven back then, I decided to go with Peerless again this time,” he said.

George said his Peerless 2324P has been a work horse in his kitchen.

“The oven has performed well for us,” he said. “I like the fact there are four decks and that you can make adjustments. It’s easy to use, and it holds its heat well.

“And besides pizzas, you can use it to melt cheese on subs. We use the oven to cook our gyro meats, our roast beef. Anything we would do in a normal oven, we bake off in there. We’re also going to be adding some pasta dishes in the near future that we’ll bake in there. It works well all the way around.”

George didn’t hesitate when asked if he would recommend Peerless to anybody looking for a multideck pizza oven.

“Oh, I would definitely recommend Peerless for anybody looking for a multideck oven that you can put in a tight space,” George said.

“That’s a big benefit, and the stone hearth is always a plus to anybody who really knows how to cook pizza. You get a totally different bake with these ovens. It cooks it from the top and the bottom. We’ll take it off the pan and put in on the stone to crisp it up and suck up any of the moisture that’s left in there. That’s one of the biggest pluses these ovens have.

“You can have a deck oven without the stones, but it’s the stones that hold the heat and gives you a good, firm bottom, kind of like a New York-style pizza. It’s definitely a benefit, along with it being a multideck with its configuration and small footprint,” he added.

Danny George, Owner
Sal & Al’s Diner
2261 Cooper-Foster Park Road
Amherst, Ohio 44001
(440) 989-3663

Rick Brown
E & S Manager
Restaurant Depot
270 N Wilson Rd
Columbus, OH 43204
Phone: 614-272-6670
Fax: 614-272-6667

In todays world of commercial restaurant equipment few things stay the same or improve. Quite to the contrary most of the “old reliable” quality manufacturers have”sold out” to cheaper construction and out of country labor. On the other hand we do have some manufacturers that have improved their quality,durability, and value. Peerless is one of those companies. Specializing in pizza deck ovens for most of the 20th century, they have expanded their line of products to handle most any type of oven cuisine. Still built in the state of Ohio in the good ole USA, the full line of Peerless ovens are dependable and bake like no other ovens that I have used, including Blodget and Bakers Pride. Peerless is a purchase that a restaurant will never regret, and will result in rave reviews from their customers saying “why is your food so good”.

Thank You,
Rick Brown
Former restaurant owner, and
E & S manager Restaurant Depot
Col. OH.

Luca La Rustica Pizzeria

We just wanted to let you know how much we love our pizza oven purchased 4 months ago for our new pizzeria. It makes the pizza very crispy and it is very compact – visually it looks great in the pizzeria. Thanks for a great product!

“The finest piece of Restaurant equipment we have ever purchase in 25 years of operation”.

Model CW61

Uncle Tony’s Pizza & Pasta
1600 Post Road.
Warwick, RI. 02886
Office 1-401-738-1321
Restaurant 1-401-463-7785

I Write you to compliment you & your company on the solid construction and reliability of your twin deck model CW61Oven. This oven has been online for well over 25 years, and is still going strong.

“It is without a doubt the finest piece of restaurant equipment we have ever purchased”.

We look forward to the purchase of more of your superior stoves and ovens in the upcoming months, as we remodel & refurbish our units.

Edward A. Carosi

Tired of high maintenance and high operating costs with your convection oven? Customer streamlines costs and equipment package with Peerless Ovens.

Model 2324

Tom Jones Family Restaurant
4417 Edgemont Avenue
Brookhaven, PA 19015

December 18, 2003

To: Peerless Maximizer Products L.L.C., Sandusky, OH 44870

Dear Bryan,

Early in the year 2000, we were looking to replace our standard convection oven,

Which over the four years we owned it had given us more than our fair share of problems. Our equipment salesman suggested your company as an option. We were already familiar with Peerless, having previously owned one of your counter-top pizza ovens.

Not long after, as you know, we purchased your multi-deck oven. For less money than the convection ovens we were looking at, we now have a multi-deck, MULTI-PURPOSE oven that has given us ZERO problems. Not only do we cook all our baked potatoes in it, we also use it for all our pizzas, and our baked seafood entrees. We were able to eliminate two other pieces of equipment along with the standard convection oven once we got the Peerless multi-deck up and running. As you know, we have the oven on 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Thanks for another quality Peerless product, and one less thing we have to worry about in our “always open” operation.

Joe Storm, President