Start Up

There is a Warranty Packet attached to the handle of every Peerless Oven, and an Oven Manual inside every Peerless Oven, when delivered.
It is the end user’s responsibility for hiring a qualified service technician to perform the start-up procedures outlined in the Manual
and to fill out the yellow Warranty Card, located in the Warranty Packet and return it to Peerless. The Warranty is active after these start up procedures are performed.

Often, the end user assumes that once the gas line is hooked up, the installation is complete. Hooking up of the gas is only the first part of
installation. You can find the attachments and the instructions under “START UP” that will help the end user and the qualified service technician to complete the
proper installation/calibration of the oven. This will ensure that the oven operates as designed.

Peerless is always available to answer any questions the end user or technician may have during this process or anytime thereafter.